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CDR Contributes to Project Management, Disaster Resilience Initiatives

The Center for Disaster Resilience at the University of Maryland is proud to be part of the university’s Project Management Center for Excellence. This past June, the Project Management Center hosted the first-ever Symposium for project management professionals in the Baltimore-Washington area.

“The Project Management Center for Excellence at the University of Maryland represents the first-ever program in an engineering school to be accredited by the Project Management Institute’s Global Accreditation Center. As such, the University of Maryland is uniquely positioned to lead local efforts to foster cross-industry education and the open exchange of best practices in project management through events such as this year’s symposium,” said Dr. Charles Schwartz, Professor and Chair of the university’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. “Rooted in the A. James Clark School of Engineering, the Project Management Center for Excellence boasts a roster of esteemed faculty—including project management professionals, engineers and area experts—who foster interdisciplinary research covering the full spectrum of topics in project management.”

The 2014 Project Management Symposium covered a wide swath of topics ranging from disaster management strategies, to performance measurement and agile project management. Dr. Gerry Galloway and Dr. Gregory Baecher of the CDR both presented on different aspects of the importance of disaster management strategies.

Building on many of these critical topics, on Oct. 16, the A. James Clark School of Engineering will kick off this year's Mpact Week on Disaster Resilience, a comprehensive exploration of what engineers, researchers, and scientists can do to help prevent, mitigate, respond to, and recover from disasters, and make our society and infrastructure more resilient. The weeklong event will be co-sponsored by the Clark School and the Division of Research, and will feature keynotes, panels, and research presentations, as well as technology demos and startup venture exhibits. Some events will be held on the University of Maryland’s College Park campus, while others will be held in downtown Washington, D.C. to view these critical topics through a national and international lens, and to invite policymakers to attend and participate in the discussions.

Serving as a hub for UMD engineers involved in disaster resilience, the Center for Disaster Resilience has been deeply involved in the planning of Mpact Week, most notably the Oct. 22 sessions on Multi-Hazard Resilience and Coastal Infrastrure. Additionally, Dr. Gerry Galloway will be part of a distinguished panel on Capitol Hill that will address the intersection of research and policy. The panel will explore the importance of bridging research with policy to move ideas from the theoretical to the practical. Throughout the week, team members from CDR will present their research in workshops on various topics in disaster resilience.

All Mpact Week events are free, but prospective attendees must register.

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